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We provide house calls to homebound patients in Lake and parts of Cook County. If you have foot or ankle problem and are not able to leave your house, please call the office for information on whether you qualify for a home visit.

Now we offer
FDA-approved laser treatment for
toenail fungus.
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Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Starting A Business in Impossible Times:
Valuable Insights and Experiences from Dr. Ashley Keren

Buffalo Grove, IL. What drives a mother, wife, doctor and entrepreneur to start a business in an economic crisis? “There is never a perfect time to start a business” says Dr. Ashley Keren, founder of Happy Feet Clinic, PC in Buffalo Grove, IL. “Success takes time to achieve, and in a slow economy we did perfect our service offerings as well as our business model. Also, this is not a seasonal business or a business that depends on the economy. People that suffer from foot problems should take care of this as soon as possible, since foot problems can be a sign of more serious conditions.”

So what are some of the lessons learned that you can share with other women, mothers, and entrepreneurs that would like to start their business, but hesitate?

Dare to realize your dreams. There is no such thing as a good time or bad time to be an entrepreneur. It is something that you know you need to do. It is the fire within you, and many very successful enterprises started at the lowest of the economy. There is never a perfect time to start a business, but when you know what you want, it makes it feasible and attainable. Persistence and perseverance are the key.

You never know how much you don’t know until you start running your own business. A slow economy gives you the time to learn about your management style, weaknesses and strengths, and work out all the kinks in your business. Success doesn’t come over night, but you have to be out there.

Admit you need the support and ask for it. As women, we tend to think we can be super moms, super wives, and professionals. Support from your close circle of family and friends, was and still is very important. The support of my family made it happen.

Q: Why did you open your own practice?
A: I started my own practice to be able to educate and help my patients to take care of their feet in a healthy manner. I devote the attention and provide only the best services, treatment options, and sophisticated diagnostic modalities that will help people live a better life and keep them on their toes.

In such a stressed and rushed world, people neglect to take care of their feet, which may lead to more serious problems. The #1 foot-related problem is heel pain, and a substantial number of Americans suffer from it. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Someone with heel pain will walk with a different gait pattern and posture, which can cause knee, hip, and back problems.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about foot care?
A: “Foot pain will go away on its own”. People take thousands of steps every day, and millions over a lifetime. Maintaining healthy feet makes practical sense, and is crucial to your health.

Happy Feet Clinic specializes in:
* Custom Foot Orthotics for adults and children
* Diabetic complications
* Adult foot & ankle injuries
* Pediatric foot & ankle problems
* Laser treatment for toenail fungus

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