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House Calls
We provide house calls to homebound patients in Lake and parts of Cook County. If you have foot or ankle problem and are not able to leave your house, please call the office for information on whether you qualify for a home visit.

Now we offer
FDA-approved laser treatment for
toenail fungus.
Please call or e-mail the office for more information.

Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Welcome to the Happy Feet Clinic

At the Happy Feet Clinic in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, we work with people of all ages who come to us with foot pain or have had foot injury.

If you have a foot or ankle problem, you are not feeling the pain alone. Four out of every five Americans suffer some sort of foot problem. These problems can eventually cause pain throughout the skeletal structure, and manifest themselves as pain in the knee, hip or back.

How your feet feel can be a reflection of your general health. If they hurt, they may be signaling more serious conditions. They may be your first indication of serious medical problems such as: Arthritis, Diabetes, and Nerve & Circulatory Disorders.

Many of these problems are preventable through proper foot care and regular visits to the Happy Feet Clinic where Dr. Keren will diagnose your foot and ankle problems and provide you with the correct form of foot care, proper footwear and the early diagnosis of foot conditions.

Don’t delay treatment. Don’t neglect your feet.
You don’t have to feel the pain.

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Remember, healthy feet are happy feet.